Chris Pobanz, DDS

       Dr Pobanz completed all of his training here in Nebraska at the UNMC colege of dentistry. He graduated dental school in the top of his class with high honors. After dental school, Dr Pobanz worked at the UNMC hospital as a general dentist for one year. There, he learned valuable information about dentistry and medicine. He then began his residency at UNMC college of dentistry in Lincoln. This two year residency, was specific to rootcanal treatment. During this time Dr Pobanz, refined his skill and versed himself in the current literature related to rootcanal treatment. Dr Pobanz is a board eligible endodontist with the American Association of Endodontics. He has been practicing in Kearney for 10 years.

         Dr Pobanz is married and has two young girls. They keep him busy, and they are the love of his life.  Dr Pobanz enjoys cycling, waterskiing, and camping. He has a great passion for the outdoors.

          When providing treatment for patients, Dr Pobanz’s main concern is the patients comfort. He won’t do anything unless the patient is completely numb. It is a modern day and age, despite the negative connontation, root canals are painless.